PDF Link 1.09: apply text with external web links, removing, creating, changing and reporting

PDF Link 1.09

link test.pdf out-add-link.pdf -text "link text here" -link "http://www.adobe.com/index.htm" -pos10,10 -size20 (would add a link, bottom left) e.g. pdflink out-add-link.pdf out-add-change.pdf -change -textlink "adobe systems" -newlink "http://www.adobesys123.com/index.htm" (would change any current links with text `adobe systems` to new link) e.g. pdflink out-add-link.pdf out-add-change-part.pdf -changepart -link ".adobe.com" -newlink ".adobesys.

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Backlinks Checker Program Backlinks checker program monitors all inbound, outbound links of your websites

Backlinks Checker Program

link finder software automatically alerts users through email notification if weblinks are not found or removed, advertiser’s link cannot be displayed on publisher site etc. Backlinks monitoring application checks status of all types of links including direct link, java script link, incoming link, inbound link, outbound link, reciprocal link etc on publisher website and generates reports in txt or html file format. Advanced weblink checker software

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Fast Link Checker An advanced tool to find broken links on web sites.

Fast Link Checker

link appears on the site. Fast Link Checker provides variety of report types, including export links in html, Excel and text formats, export links as they appear in the broken link section of the program, export links in table view with customizable columns and sorting. Filtering allows exporting only selected types of links, for example, only links that report certain error can be exported. Also Fast Link Checker can generate and export a Site Map

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G-Lock Backlink Diver 1.2: Backlink Diver is a fast and easy backlink checker tool

G-Lock Backlink Diver 1.2

linking to you are. G-Lock Backlink Diver eliminates the doubt of whether a particular page is linking to your site or not and delivers you a detailed report about your backlinking profile in minutes. With G-Lock Backlink Diver you can: - check if a link to your website is present on a particular page; - determine the link type - DoFollow or NoFollow; - see the anchor text and URL of the link; - detect the PageRank of the page where the link is present

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Website Backlink Checker Website backlink checker software provides real-time status of websites over web

Website Backlink Checker

link analyzing utility sends complete report of website links on advertisers web pages over internet with exact status of site links including link not found, link found, page not found and broken link cases. Easy to operate website backlink checker tool provides user friendly graphical interface featured with context help and menu support at every step so even non technical user can operate backlink checking task with ease. Efficient website link

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Web Link 3.0:  Web Link is a link exchange software.

Web Link 3.0

links from competitor’s back links. Find potential partner links by keyword search Evaluate the importance of partner links via Google Link popularity, Page Rank and Alexa index. Get all Email Contacts from partner links using whois database or web site content. Send HTML Link Invitation Email to request back link from link partners. Automatically process answers from your link partner. Tree-Layout makes managing back links easily. Monitor the

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Internet Business Advertising Directory Link partner software maintains directories provide complete ASP scripting code

Internet Business Advertising Directory

links with another websites. Link Partners Directory is search engine friendly and scripting code do not promote or accept link partners who run free-for-all links pages, banner or link farms, or other junk sites. Reciprocal link exchanger is simply a Web URL listing software program - not a linking “directory” or "scheme”. Web link business trade listing directory software having separate corner to attach sponsors link on a given page. Features

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Free Link Checker 4.3: Free broken link check tool for a web site, broken link testing software

Free Link Checker 4.3

link validator software finds dead links, invalid HTTP redirects and other problems on a website or a single web page. A broken link report is provided after validation. The search for broken links may be recursive, thus validating the whole web site for obsolete and dead HTML links. The program includes HTML links spider and broken link analyzer. Free Link Checker provides various settings for broken link check, displaying invalid links report,

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LinkAssistant 4.11.1: LinkAssistant: build QULITY links fast and at ease! A free version is available.

LinkAssistant 4.11.1

Looking for a nifty SEO tool to help you build and manage links to your site? Try LinkAssistant - award-winning new-generation link building software. Use it to find hundreds of sites to swap links with, manage your link partners, keep track of links placed and monitor your overall link building success. See for yourself! Give edge to your link building campaign today - get LinkAssistant. A free trial is available!

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Private Label Link Exchange Verification 3.3: Resell rights private label reciprocal link verification

Private Label Link Exchange Verification 3.3

links you expect there to be on each site. The software does the rest! The sortable results list allows you to see verified links, missing links, and much more! An in-program browser allows you to view the webpages that link to you with the click of a button! Scan specific URLs, or spider entire sites, for links back to your website Gather links to scan directly from your existing link page. Integrates with your online link database to gather links

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